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Musa Glitter is The Brand of Goddesses.

Our  mission to make every woman feel free and confidente, inside and outside without afraid to shine! That why we provide a unique cosmetic product: creamy glitter, the most easy glitter to apply. They are made with microparticles that reflect light and a creamy natural base – that makes them shine a lot and be really easy to apply.

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 You can apply our creamy glitters wherever you want – as eyeshadow, highlighter, face or body. You don’t need anything else, apply them directly to your skin with your fingers. Most of our customers use them for night makeup, but you can apply them during day to, our advice is: use just a little, you will see how great it looks.


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Rita Dobrões CEO Musa Glitter

See our TV Portuguese Interview here and meet our atelier in Oporto, Portugal here.

Our creamy glitters make a difference in every makeup. They are the key to goddess look.

See our tutorials and ideias to apply our creamy glitters in our Instagram.

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Our customers are like this, they shine inside and outside, and they are memorable wherever they go. That’s why, every color is unique and inspired in different muses.

Finally, for us, the three most important things are:

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Hope to hear from you,

If you have any doubt, talk to us – [email protected]

Musa Glitter Team